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Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Automation
UNINON Apparatebau GmbH


Планетарные редукторы серии GPT

Nominal torque
12 Nm
500 Nm

i= 3
i= 100
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Planetary Gears with Standard Backlash

The planetary gears of the GPT series have standard backlash at the drive shaft. These gearboxes are designed for industrial purposes.

Together with load distribution over 3 planets within the gearbox, the compact design of planetary gears bring considerable advantages:

  • Low backlash
  • High dynamics
  • Low moment of inertia
  • High axial stiffness
  • High overload capability
  • Good efficiency level

  • 5 different sizes in 1-step and 2-step layout
  • Output torque 12 to 500 Nm
  • Transmissions from i=3 to i=100
  • Compact design
  • Lubricated for life, and thus maintenance-free
  • All gearboxes can be operated irrespective of their position

These drives can be supplied for being attached to the servo drives of most leading manufacturers.

Being a drive systems partner of Mitsubishi Electric, we can also supply a complete model range of servo planetary geared three-phase motors as per catalogue.

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